We offer personal training

Personal Training

Clients work out in our private, members-only facility. Our training programs are “client-centric” and are built around each individual.

While based on sound physiological principles, our approach to conditioning is anything but traditional. Our unique blend of exercises includes Pilates, active isolated stretching, and traditional strength training. In a safe and structured environment, we take you a little farther than you would typically go on your own.

One of the reasons for our positive, 20 year track record is our ability to quickly “change hats” and challenge each client each day.

We also offer our personal training to groups of up to 4 people.


Improve your posture, flexibility, and breathing capacity by adding regular Pilates instruction to your life!

Invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, Pilates is a body training technique designed to reinforce deep (core) muscles as well as balance the more superficial muscle groups. The goal being symmetrical physical development, Pilates six principles of breath, concentration, center, control, precision, and fluidity benefit the novice and professional athlete alike.

We offer our Pilates appointments in private and semi-private sessions.

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