Why Chris Paul is the NBA’s Top Point Guard.

There are dozens of reasons that Chris Paul is the player he is today, from his disciplined upbringing and his supportive family to his natural ability with the basketball.

Undaunted, he has made an impact and left his mark on the NBA in his first 5 seasons and we are all left to marvel (and wonder) at how good he is.  Although impossible, I have attempted to meld the components of his off-season training to ascertain…

”How good CAN this guy be”?

 Sometimes, the call of a nice day or a comfortable bed is enough to de-rail a planned workout.  Rarely, if ever, is this the case with Chris Paul.  He has come to understand at an early age that post-season success and career longevity are inexorably related to taking care of his body.  After a requisite amount of rest at the end of each season, Chris eagerly returns to work on his body and his game.


One of the traits that will immediately strike you is Chris’s capacity for work.  He has the ability to keep his mind focused and body working for a much longer time than most other athletes.  A typical day in the off-season starts at 6:00 AM and sees Chris spend 1 – 2 hours in the weight-room and 2 hours on the court.  The final 1 ½ -2 hours of each day is spent on recovery/regeneration.  All told, Chris will spend in excess of 40 hours a week on conditioning his body for the rigors of an NBA season (a full time job by some accounts)!


Chris’s training regimen consists of Pre-habilitation for his upper and lower body, flexibility training, high intensity intervals, strength training, balance and stability work, agility training, movement pattern training, sports-specific and position-specific training.  While based on current and sound physiological principles, his program also has roots in Pilates, yoga, and Eastern European training philosophies.


Chris breaks down his training in the same manner that he breaks down his opponents when preparing for a game.  Every aspect of his training is meticulously planned and executed.  He focuses on details that others may not think of such as foot/ankle strength and shoulder flexibility.  He understands that the sum of the “little things” exceed the whole and pays close attention his upper and lower body “PreHab” routine as well as his recovery. Chris knows that practice doesn’t make perfect…PERFECT practice makes perfect.  That’s why we pay close attention to how every movement is executed.


It is said that good is the enemy of great and Chris embodies this in every workout, both on the court and off.  Our mind set going into each workout is,” why have a good workout when we can make it a great workout?”


The famous Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova once mused, “No one can arrive from being talented alone.  God gives talent; work transforms talent into genius.  In Chris’s case, his work has transformed his talent into genius AND some pretty staggering performances on the court!

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